Meeting Process


The CGA Strategic Conference offers an unparalleled opportunity to connect with executives, senior management, procurement teams, and other professionals from throughout the California grocery industry. Whether you represent a new product or an established national supplier, this not-to-be-missed gathering of top industry decision makers will generate fresh strategies and new business leads.

In addition to participating in the regularly scheduled events, sponsors gain the added benefit of a set number of private, pre-arranged meetings with select retailers.  In a closely choreographed schedule that maximizes your time, CGA creates and coordinates more than 1,000 pre-scheduled business meetings that provide a productive and efficient way to build your connections and optimize your time at the conference.

In order to maintain its effectiveness for all conference participants, sponsorship opportunities are limited so contact CGA soon to reserve your place.

How the Meeting Scheduling Works

Our goal is to be the single most productive event you attend all year.  As a conference sponsor, you receive a personalized, pre-arranged business meeting schedule prior to your arrival conference.  The quantity and duration (40-minute or 20-minute) of these meetings is determined by sponsor level and date the sponsorship is paid. Here is an overview of how the process works:

  • CGA provides all sponsors with a complete list of participating retailers.
  • Sponsors indicate which retailers, in order of preference, they would like to meet.
  • CGA creates individual meeting schedules based on the sponsor’s priority status and retailer availability.
  • Final schedules are provided to sponsors after CGA completes the schedules and confirms the meetings.
  • To ensure that these meetings are productive for all involved, certain guidelines apply.

For information on sponsoring, download the 2021 Sponsorship Prospectus below.

Contact us below for more information on conference sponsorship opportunities, including more specific information regarding the meeting scheduling process.