2021 Theme

Emerging Better Together

The events of the past year spotlighted the essential nature of the grocery industry and our role in nurturing the health, safety and emotional wellbeing of our employees and customers. Sales strategies and stockrooms were stress-tested, while the pandemic altered the way we work, the way we consume, what we value and how we interact.

Through it all, the food industry proved to be resilient while pivoting to fulfill customers’ needs in new ways. Operations and assortments were streamlined, creative decision-making was unlocked and critical communication accelerated across the supply chain.

With remarkable determination and newfound agility, retailers and brands emerge ready to embrace and invest in a new future. A future where leaders are better prepared to fulfill customers’ needs in new ways and embrace strategies that are more adaptable, personalized, diverse and interconnected.

Why the Bee?

Beyond their essential role within the food system, bees represent a strong work ethic and a willingness to serve others. These small but mighty creatures are symbols of activity, work, diligence, and convey powerful messages about community, teamwork and humility. As an allegory, these characteristics represent the spirit of grocers, and all the individual contributors within the food supply chain during the events of the past few years.

Come together with your industry peers this September to renew your relationships and explore ways to reinvigorate your strategies and rejuvenate your spirit.