Eric Dunphy & Ben Wynkoop

Whiteboard Sessions

Monday, September 27,  2021  | 7:00 am

Eric Dunphy, Customer Success Director
INMAR Intelligence

Eric Dunphy has 20 years of marketing leadership experience and currently serves as Customer Success Director for Inmar Intelligence. For the last decade, Eric has worked with retailers and CPGs on transformational digital promotion strategies that drive shopper engagement. Seven of those years leading Global Client Marketing for Johnson & Johnson’s former media property,
Eric holds a B.S. and MBA in Business Administration & Economics from Saint Mary’s of California.
Ben Wynkoop, VP Retailer Development
INMAR Intelligence
Ben has over 20 years of retail experience in the Grocery & Convenience channels, having held leadership positions in Merchandising and Marketing for several National and regional retailers as well as working with many retailers across the US as a consultant and a solutions partner. He works with a number of retailers across the US to develop their Digital Transformation strategies and implement CPG partnership programs in the areas of Digital Incentives, Loyalty, Media, and Social Influencing.

Retail Media Networks – Balancing Priorities and What’s Next

Retail Media Networks started out as a monetization side hustle for retailers and has expanded in the last few years into an important tool for both retailers and CPGs. While the adoption and evolution of Retail Media Networks is a valuable investment for retailers, improving the customer experience is always going to be a top priority. How do you balance efforts to improve customer experiences and efforts to increase monetization opportunities for your retail media assets? Does one take precedence over the other? And once you’ve built a monetizable solution; what’s next? How do you market and sell your services and compete against the growing market of retail media options? Join us to discuss the Retail Media Network landscape and where it’s heading.